Green Solar 24 Limited (GS24), is a renewable energy company that invests in, facilitates, develops and operates Solar Power Plants and Energy Infrastructure. Our relationships with leading global and regional project developers are an ongoing source of unique and proprietary information that forges investment opportunities and partnerships. We strive to solve the particular financing and development needs of our developer partners that become valuable platforms from which investment opportunities continue to flow and gives our investment team an edge in target markets. We are also committed to developing, procuring, installing, and project management of solar energy related projects. Our Projects include Solar Power Plants of various sizes, ranging from 5MW to 100MW in various parts of the world. To date, we have established or helped to establish 330MW of Solar Power Plants and are currently in negotiations to finalize Power Purchase Agreements for another 380MW. We are determined to reach our target of 2000MW by the year 2022.


GS24 along with its strategic partners and engineering team, work on designing and implementing a project from the start, to transform any project idea into reality. Our team of experts study the project on all subjects from technical feasibility to financial viability. From signing and sealing documents to regulatory departments, to reviewing legal documents, from establishing work progress schedule to coordinating multiple areas, from performing inspections to ensuring compliance to determine final completion, GS24 has a dedicated team to support you from the beginning to the completion of your project. During project implementation, alongside project management, we undertake all typical site supervision tasks such as budgetary control, overseeing construction and installation, and quality control. We also have a strong on-field team to inspect and supervise Plant erectionand to complete commissioning and operations.


GS24 has strong financial teams who will conduct detailed, comprehensive analysis for all the projects. We also undertake energy audits for clients to understand a facility’s energy usage and identify sustainable energy reducing upgrades. Our expertise is recognized by many Governments and utility entities and we work closely with entities for tax rebates and incentives throughout the projects. We invest in building Solar Projects and have invested in more than 330MW of Solar Power Plants across the globe. Power Purchase Agreement financing is available if needed. GS24 will complete your project on-time and on-budget to help deliver an assurance of accelerated investment recovery in the future.


GS24 has a strong and dedicated Engineering, Procurement and Construction team, with a proven track record, that provides established solar energy solutions to our customers using the most innovative design, engineering and components with both the highest standards and cost effectively. GS24 has over the past 5 years developed an internationally accredited expertise in engineering and technology, procurement and project management, construction and commissioning, with a strong command over asset management. Its business model ranges from the acquisition of developed sites to the servicing and maintenance of completed Solar Plants throughout their lifespan.