With patented design, easy installation, the components can be easily replaced. MPPT Controller and Energy Management System(EMS) matches the PIR Motion Sensor. IP66 waterproof, 16 grade wind proof.



High Conversion Rate Solar Panel

Solar panels: use poly silicon solar panels, the conversion rate up to 21% . Light energy can be quickly converted into electrical energy, and lifetime can reach 20 years.

Very Easy Installation and Battery Replacement

Battery lifespan at least 6 years, after long term used, its easy to replace the battery, do not need to replace the whole light, only need to unscrew 4 screws to replace the battery, continue using as a new one, save much cost per year.

Wide light distribution & Lens

Special lenses have a large distribution of light, so that the spacing between the poles is as large as possible, reducing the number of poles and lights used in the project.

Intelligent MPPT & EMS system & PIR sensor & Lens

  1. Intelligent MPPT controller with PIR motion sensor automatically control and protect the working condition of the lamp.
  2. EMS Energy mangement system: ensure as long as 10 days rainy days backup.
  3. Overcharging and over-discharging protection.
  4. High temperature working protection.

High efficiency Lithium Batteries & Warranty

View Angle: adjustable 0 or 30 degrees, adapt to different environmental needs.

  1. High efficiency Lithium Batteries, good high temperature performance,can be large current discharging, more than 800 times of recharging.
  2. 3 year warranty, 6 years lifetime, optional 8 years lifetime battery.

Technical Parameters

Model XSY-EBM-30
Power 30W
Solar pane 40W polysilicon
Battery 222WH lithium batteries
Lighting efficacy 4200LM
Beam angle 145°x65°
Waterproof rate I P66
Operating time Full power 18 hours, Intelligent mode 36 hours
Solar panel Conversion rate More than 21%
CCT 5000K to 6500K
Installation height 4 to 6m
Pole diameter 50 to 60mm
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Warranty 3 Years

Application Field