Green Solar 24 (GS24) is a New Zealand based Renewable energy company founded in 2013 to support the increasing Global demand for sustainable energy by bringing renewable energy to developing markets.

Our aim is to generate sustainable energy for the future and lower the impact of harmful gas emissions on the planet by using the most secure sources of clean energy.

The company has its head-office at Auckland, New Zealand, and its activities are currently focused in the developing nations of South East Asia, the South Pacific Islands and the Middle East. GS24 has presence in New Zealand, Fiji, The United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India.

GS24 invests, facilitates,develops and delivers cutting edge solar photovoltaic technologies, providing cost effective and reliable energy solutions customized to their requirements. Its in-house team of scientists strive to advance the capabilities of solar technology.

Working with partners in India, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Germany, we are engaged in solar project development, including project selection, design, financing and investing, permitting, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, monitoring, operation and maintenance. The company provides completed solar projects, operates them under Power Purchase Agreements, or can enter into bespoke contractual arrangements with utility or grid operators.

GS24 can manage a project from the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement through to financial closure and installation, efficiently, and on time. It has already built Solar Plants of various sizes and has taken up projects throughout the world. Currently, the company is in discussion with the Governments of various nations to install Solar Power Plants. In the U.A.E and Jordan, in partnership with our subsidiary companies, we are involved in the design and construction of solar power plants to supply energy to the national grid and for the commercial sector. At GS24, we take pride in working smartly for our customers to shape a sustainable future in those regions and beyond.

GS24 has exclusive rights on behalf of a renowned German company to distribute and provide technical expertise in respect to the supply of solar shipping containers in the South Pacific islands. Our company initiated the step to enter into such an agreement after recognizing the acute need for electricity in the remote islands of the South Pacific, where huge populations have limited access to grid electricity, and, in some cases, no access to electricity at all. Our solution of distributing mobile solar shipping containers to those underprivileged communities not only delivers electricity readily and efficiently but will at the same time help significantly reduce harmful carbon emissions. GS24 is also in the process of setting up its manufacturing line of Integrated Solar Street lights in India.

Vision Statement

Green Solar 24 is focused on promoting, maintaining and delivering clean energy to create a sustainable world. We seek to shape the world energy market with advanced technologies and focus on a lifecycle performance and assist countries throughout the world in achieving energy independence, cost stability and a clean, green environment

Mission Statement

Our mission at GS24 is to provide each of our clients with the most effective sustainable solar power solution.


A commitment to increase the production of Green Energy and to drive the power generation costs down in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way