Beanstalk (BST), a brand new series of Solway solar garden light, with  Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) technology and Energy Management System(EMS). Built-in Lithium battery have 3 year warranty, and 6 years long lifespan. Customizable lamp colors with 360 degree light distribution provide our customer with professional value-added landscape design. Pure aluminum house protect the inner components from corrosion. ALL-in-one solar garden light has pass the Ip66 waterproof and 16 grade wind proof test.

green solar 24

Product Features

Battery & Warranty

Intelligent daylight sensor. Up to 21% conversion rate solar panel with high efficacy SEIKO chip. Double T3 lens contribute good lighting illumination and uniformity. Charge the battery for 6-7 hours, and light lasts for 3 nights.

green solar 24

Dual lens system

Dedicate concise mode style integrate the concept of ecological design. Customizable lamp colors: bright and elegant white, warm and vibrant red, pure and tranquil blue, fresh and pleasant green.

green solar 24

Bright & Dimmable modes

Bright mode: strong light (6h/day).

DIM Mode: dimming control (12h/day) with PIR motion sensor.

green solar 24

Technical Parameters

Model XSY-BST-16
Power 16W
Solar panel 25W
Battery 111WH
Lighting efficacy 2500lm
Beam angle 360 degree
Waterproof rate IP66
Operating time Bright mode: 18hours; DIM mode: 30 hours (10 rainy days backup)
Solar panel conversion rate More than 21%
CCT 5000K to 6500K
Installation height 3 to 5m
Pole diameter 60mm
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Warranty 3 Years

Application Field